Jan 3, 2008, a red letter day, as the Lord gave me a sure word regarding the UNITED STATES and what will become of us on this continent. 

 Here it is, as follows:


Admittedly there is great turbulance in the realm of the spirit right now. God is moving and just shaking all people to the core.The Lord spoke to me, saying:*********************

“The Nation of America I will bring to her knees. I will strengthen my people and deliver them cleanly out of the hands of the wicked. I will bring down the monetary system and I will upend the plans of fools who are in leadership today–ruled by fear and the god of their loins.

“I will lift up my healers–I will separate the wheat from the chaff, and you will see the false and regard the true as my standard of hope. I will cleanse the church and “every heart by fire–all will be rendered naked in this season, and no one will be able to hide using my name.

“I will reveal every spirit, good and evil, so that you may follow the right path, together with my flock.

“I will rend all houses of unholy pastors and evil shepherds. I will cause the evil to either repent or die in their sins, especially those who handle MY WORD.

“I will purify this nation before all nations and cause you to turn to ME, all whom I have called and many who are as heathen, deaf, dumb and blind while believing themselves wise.

“Evangelists will go forth, and miracles will speak of ME. And those left will see an everlasting revival. The faithful will see MY WORD FULFILLED.

“Death brings sorrow yet I will soothe those in sorrow so that their hearts will not stray from me again.

“I will reward those working against persecution from fallen saints, attempting to cause them also to fall. These I will send my wrath upon and some will be saved. Others will not.

“I will destroy all plans for a New Atlantis and expose the Fallen Ones beneath the earth, so that all who serve them will become ill, and perish without being able to uphold their plans.

“I will cause chaos to come to each heart and to the earth with only one way out.

“Because I am a loving God, I will bring all who desire me to my Kingdom, against all odds, even those who my own people have REJECTED, and will cut the wicked off as the children of Esau, to be as if they never were.

“I do all these things because I AM the LORD, YOUR FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST…and I will burn the old system to its foundation–to show that there is nothing but ME, and nowhere to turn EXCEPT ME.”


And then the word ended. Unusual since I rarely receive a word in the 1st person. I am humbled and encouraged! America will be brought to her knees but an everlasting revival will begin here.

Halal Jah.

Praise Elohim Adonay Yah Shua.


Zeph Daniel


As you can see, it is real.  It has been confirmed numerously around the Internet and is currently gaining momentum amidst the prophetic community of Yah Shua. 

And so here is a great time for preparation and for seeking God to find your purpose in this soon-to-be future. 

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February 8, 2007

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